Difference between Villa, Bungalows, Duplex, and Flat

Real estate jargons always confuse a common man and put his/her knowledge into the test. But this is not just limited to the terms and taglines but also the major differences between a bungalow, villa, duplex, and flat. These all are the old age confusions which we will try to melt down with our amazing facts and data in this blog. It is very crucial that you know the major differences between these terms since these will help you make a cognitive purchase of a property in the future.

We cannot deny that the house is our ultimate comfort zone, irrespective of its size. But to help you make a better buying decision, let us take you on the tour of different house styles.


A flat is a dwelling place in a multi-unit building. Now apartment is nothing different than this but just an American synonym to flat. One can also call a flat an apartment that serves a certain purpose. For instance, a flat given to an employee to reside during the work period could also be called as the apartment.

Types of apartments

Every country has their one of a kind way of naming the dwelling spaces. While living in India, you must know these different types of flats:

  1. Builder flats

The Indian real estate is forked into two main branches, one is family owned business and other is professional realtors. Flats that are constructed under the single builder are known as builder flats. These flats are not part of any huge township. Legally, these flats cannot go beyond the 4 floors. Therefore these are the smaller versions multi-storey apartments.

  1. Multi-storey apartments

These apartments are featured with lots of flats present in the single building. This way of construction is better and well-organized.

  1. Row Hoses

The residential areas are developed within the limited budget and time. These are the house series adjacent to each other, shares a wall and are designed in the exact same way.

  1. Penthouse

The penthouse is the most expensive type of apartment. I may not exceed the prices range of villas but are considered lavish enough to be the most priced space. This lies on the top-most floor of the multi-storey building. All the apartments of this floor are merged to make one unit, therefore making it the costliest apartment.


Now moving further to the property that offers a great deal of independence to the house owner – Villa. It is nothing but the luxurious alternative to the row house. The property is closely connected to the main street and is separated by the spacious lawn or verandah. The floor plan is fixed even with the individual unit plan. One cannot extend the construction but can add floors to this residential space.

Difference between duplex flat and villa

Duplex flat is the residential unit for a single family with single kitchen and living room but at the multi-stores. Whereas, the villa is generally single floor living space. Duplex has got more floors but is smaller than the villa in terms of area.


Bungalow is usually referred to as the isolated property that is surrounded by the garden area, parking area and is at distance with other houses. Even though space is meant for a single family it may have multiple floors. Bungalow brags the largest stretch of land in terms of square feet, making it the biggest of all the residential options.


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