Necessary safety measures in residential societies

While buying a house the things we check out the most are the available amenities and what we are getting out of it. But the things we forget to pay attention to, are the security factors. In the society, there is a whole other level of concerns related to safety and security. It might seem a little unimportant but when we decide to live in a proper housing and high-rise society, that is when we actually understand the importance of safety in our house. Today we are putting together some of the tips to consider while buying a house.

Check if the building is earthquake resistant or not

While buying a house the first thing you should look for is whether the building is earthquake resistant or not. You should be sure that your house can survive the worst and withstand the earthquake.

You must also thoroughly check if the materials used for the purpose of construction were of high quality or not. It is not that we face an earthquake very often but it is crucial to know that you live in a house built with all the safety measures.

Emergency Numbers

It is of utmost importance for the residents to have an easy access to all the emergency call numbers in any housing society. This list involves ambulance service, fire department, lift service, police department, women and child helpline. These numbers could be placed on the notice board of the society and also outside the residential towers.

Fire safety

Society must be well-equipped when it comes to the fire-system. Every society must have the devices like fire extinguishers and also the sprinklers inside your home. It is the duty of society authority to install the fire equipment in the common areas of all the floors. And every individual in the building must know how to use them. Different guidelines concerning the fire safety must be displayed at the maximum places. These guidelines must involve that none must use the lift or any electrical appliances in case of any fire.

Security Guards

Security guards are an integral part of any housing society. They are the only people who make the note of people entering and leaving the society and they also look after the internal security system. However, only having them is not important. They must be well-trained, well-informed about the rules and regulations and most importantly must be honest with their work. The better security guards will always ensure you the peaceful and secured stay. The security guard must always be from a reputed security agency.

Safety of your kids

Kid’s safety is yet another important component that needs to take extreme care of. Since children are the most vulnerable they are prone to the accidents. And this is the reason, why we must pay extra attention to the kids in the risk-prone diseases. The places like swimming pool, kids play area, garage, and lift areas must have security present with the first-aid box.

Lift Safety

Lifts in any housing society must not only be well-constructed but also be fully-fledged when it comes to the emergency devices and alarms so that if there is any power cut, the perosn must be able to come out of the lift easily and quickly.

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