5 Quick points to consider when buying a luxury apartment in Pune

5 Quick points to consider when buying a luxury apartment in Pune

Are you planning to buy a luxury apartment in Pune? And you’re bewildered by so many choices.

Let’s be realistic – you cannot make a blind decision. Your hard-earned money is at stake.

Sukhwani Constructions is there to help you. We acknowledge the fact – Luxury apartments are the first choice for those who like to have commodious, opulently designed homes that also give spectacular views in premium locations. So, we are keen on developing apartments as per your wishes.

However, to buy a luxury apartment in Pune, you must look for 5 crucial points. Let’s have a look.

  1. Location

A well-connected location must be your prime consideration while purchasing an apartment. You should look for a location that has easy accessibility via various modes of transport. Make sure your locality is well-connected to the railway station, airport, metro, etc. It should have good connectivity with social, lifestyle & entertainment hub and also to the business zones.

Sukhwani Construction is very particular about the location, and so most of its projects are located in and around Pimpri that has good connectivity due to the nearby Mumbai-Pune highway.

  1.   Project density

For a property to be labeled as a luxury, it must be thoughtfully designed. It should be spacious and low-density. There should not be too many families sharing the available facilities and amenities. This disrupts the ambiance of the place.

The projects developed by Sukhwani Constructions have low-density, and each family enjoys to the fullest the available facilities and amenities at each location.

  1.   Top-notch facilities and amenities

The state-of-the-art architecture, appealing interiors spaces along splendid amenities define Luxury. So, home-buyers look for top-notch interiors such as multipurpose hall, ventilation, etc. The place should have ample space with a kids’ play area, walking/jogging track, gym, meditation room, massage room, swimming pool, shopfront plaza, and others that could provide you with a comfortable lifestyle.

  1.   Security

Residents living in an area must feel secure. Most of the luxury projects including, those of Sukhwani Constructions, have all the necessary security measures. The whole area must be under tight security. 24/7 vigilance needs to be provided both by CCTV cameras installed at different places in the area and also by security guards. The place should be secure for kids, females, and senior citizens. Besides, the place should have facilities to prevent mishaps such as installing fire extinguishers.

  1.   Reputed developers

Since you’re investing your hard-earned money, it is most important that you deal with trustworthy developers. A reputable developer uses cutting-edge technology, architectural design, and engineering innovations. They fulfill all the promises made to the buyers pertaining to the quality, amenities, listed specifications, and on-time delivery. They give you a hassle-free home-buying experience.


These points would surely help you to make a wise decision while purchasing a luxury apartment in Pune. Sukhwani Constructions is a trusted developer who provides you with all that that defines a luxury apartment.

With an aim to build and renovate top-quality, sustainable homes at a cost-effective rate, Sukhwani Constructions entered the sector 30 years ago. Since then, we have completed a number of residential and commercial schemes in and around Pimpri. We are now the industry leader in construction. Currently, we have several ongoing projects, which include mini-townships, residential and commercial projects at the developing and valued locations in Pune. We offer you apartments that represent class and exclusiveness. Contact us to know more.