6 basic office amenities employees actually want

6 basic office amenities employees actually want

Office is a place where working professionals spend most of their time and it is natural to expect something from the employer.  It’s not easy to satisfy all the needs of employees, and listening to every demand of them can also cause loss. People working in an average workplace surrounding tend to lose their interest in work.

Providing employees with good office amenities will ensure you with the long term interest of the employee in the company. These are not to be considered an expense for the company. Rather it should be considered an investment. So to enlighten you we have listed below some of the basic office amenities employees actually wants.


This is one of the basic amenities that every employer should provide. It is also amongst the many problems faced by the employees. Transportation benefits save a lot of time, money and also reduces the stress of travelling. A company can have a number of employees travelling from various different places in the city. Every day hectic travelling in public transport can be stressful which effects the work of the employees.A proper transportation system can solve this issue. Transportation is interlinked with many things. It helps you to solve the traffic issue and reduces air pollution. It also helps in increasing the productivity of employees. A company should have its own transportation system to avoid the above issues.


Many of the surveys conducted by different agencies show that employees need a basic food counter in the office premises. It is a well-known fact that food provides you energy and without food, there’s no life. A company should have a place where all the employees can sit together for a cup of coffee or tea. It helps in refilling the energy and allows them to work for longer hours.

Food keeps the energy level high which further helps employees to work without any stress. A company can add many things to this as the health of the employees should be the number 1 priority. They can keep healthy food such as fruits, juices or could try some more healthy options. It promotes the work as well as the health of the employees.

3.Flexible working hours:

Flexible working hours tops the list when it comes to amenities. Being rigid with working style can cause a lot of loss to the company. In the professional area, there are many changes which are happening with time. Today, employees want to work with flexible working hours. Fixed working hours has its own demerits, some employees might not be just comfortable with the timing which affects work productivity.

Flexible working hours will not only increase productivity but also helps to motivate the employees to work. Google is one of the companies which provide flexible working hours and no doubt why it does so well. It keeps the employees motivated to work with them rather than working for them.

4.Good Infrastructure:

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word office is infrastructure. From years we have seen the meaning of basic infrastructure includes chair, working desk, and a computer or laptop in good working condition. A good working chair is must to protect back, as continuously sitting and working for long hours can cause a lot of issues with the back. A company should have all the latest electronics such as a printer, projector, and scanners. An old printer or any such electronic device can cause a lot of irritation, which might cause disinterest while working. Other than this small meeting rooms for quick discussions or meetings are very useful. Infrastructure also includes the restrooms where employees can rest or can take a nap for a few minutes while working for long hours.


Nowadays, parking is a huge issue all around which needs to be taken care of by some innovative parking solutions. A proper parking place can reduce a lot of time and efforts of the employees. There are many employees who use their own vehicles as a means of transportation. Having multi-level parking is one of the solutions which is being used nowadays. The advantage is it saves a lot of space and vehicles are also safely parked.

Neglecting health issues is nowadays becoming more and more of a common issue. Employees tend to neglect health issues which further leads to some serious health problems. It is the company’s responsibility to take care of their employees by providing them with health benefits such as free basic medicines, regular health checks up, health insurance, and maternity leaves. A healthy employee will obviously work efficiently as compared to an unhealthy one.