Eight Ways to Help Protect Your Office Space from Coronavirus

8 Ways to Help Protect Your Office Space From Coronavirus ...

The newly discovered COVID-19 is putting the world on the edge. With total cases crossing 50,000 mark and approx. fatality of 2000 it’s imperative to take all possible course and action to minimize the spread. The rapid spread of disease has led to a wave of panic in the public. The nation has been under lockdown for more than a month and half and has disrupted the normalcy of lives with minimal chances of everything going normal soon.
During the first two phases of the lockdown, even the white-collar workplaces adopted work from home policy. But the phase three of the lockdown, kick-started on May 17, 2020, with some partial relaxations. According to the new round, Private offices will be operational up to 33% strength and the rest of the employees will be working from home.
Now, that the offices are re-starting it has become important for the companies to offer simple assurance like timely salaries and providing good healthcare facilities, taking proper preventive healthcare facilities.
Here are some tips to take that will ensure proper safety measures
Formulating a Plan
Since COVID- 19 has proved to be a life-threatening disease, the companies will need to revamp their emergency plan. It will help them outline guideline for the employees as per the pandemic situation. Their guideline can include protective measures, emergency contacts, and operational measures during the current situation, etc.

Keep Updating your Employees
Clear and regular communication has become important as everybody is panic over their job security, salaries, and safety. If a company is updating its plans and the impact over the business. This creates a trust as well as assurance among your employees, and eliminate doubts if any.

Encourage Your Employees for Regular Hand-Washing
Place hand sanitizers at prominent places like entrances, desks etc all across the workplace. You can even place sings and posters to remind your employees to wash hands, especially in the bathroom and canteen.

Perform Routine Cleaning
It is important to clean the often touched and used surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, desks and workstations. All the guidelines proposed by the CDC should be followed while cleaning the office spaces.

Monitor Temperature and Humidity
Experts have suggested to regularly track the temperature and humidity of the office. It is recommended to maintain the temperature between 65 to 69 degrees. Also, the humidity should be more than 40%, more than that invite for bacteria and viruses.

Well-Stocked Facilities
Make sure to stock-up toilet papers, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, wipes throughout the office spaces. This will not only remind your employees to stay hygienic but also create a level of surety that you are taking good care of them.

Adopt Social Distancing
Now that there are going to be only 33% of employees working from the office, you can rearrange the sitting arrangements including cubicles, cafeterias, etc. In addition, adorn posters promoting social distancing and other safety measures.

Equip With Necessary Cleaning Tools
Be certain that all the necessary cleaning tools are available with your cleaning team. So that they can carry out the routine cleaning, efficiently. The tools include disposable gloves, disinfectants, mask, and disposable gloves.


The current scenario has led many to rethink about the safety measures at their office spaces and the frontrunners in the field like Sukhwani Constructions have come up with extra safety measures at their projects. Along with this, it is important that your office should have a strategic location, appropriate safety as well as hygiene facilities, good social infrastructure etc. Considering all these points, an ideal place would be the Sukhwani Business Hub, which offers diverse configurations at Nashik Phata, Kasarwadi, Pimpri-Chinchwad.