Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with These Kitchen Trends 2022

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with These Kitchen Trends 2022

The kitchen, “the heart of the home”, sees a lot of daily activities, from family dinners and romantic date evenings to after-school study sessions, but they also serve as a microcosm of our everyday lives, routines, and perspectives. More than just the colour, we’re drawn to the shapes our kitchens take and the ways they change from year to year—which speak volumes about who we are. They remind us of our priorities, challenges, and objectives for our houses and lives.

Sukhwani Constructions, the top builders in Pune, know the importance of a kitchen for a family. As a result, they place a crucial emphasis on their designs on the planning and modelling of the kitchen. In this blog, we present the kitchen trends for 2022.

Smart Technology-Driven Kitchens

The modern kitchen is beginning to evolve into one that is more adaptable, small, and intelligent. Thanks to recent technological advancements. Modern technology is used everywhere, including faucets, freezers, and lighting. In addition to being the popular kitchen component in 2020, “smart kitchens” are the future of every home.

Sukhwani constructions, the top builder in Pune, employs the most modern technologies that can be implemented to make your kitchen futuristic.

Customized Organization

The days of homeowners having to settle for a kitchen that was only functional and unattractive or foregoing cabinets and displaying their goods on lovely (if perhaps impractical) open shelving are long gone. In order to give home chefs the best of both worlds—a space that functions and looks good while doing it—designers of days are concentrating on creating spaces that are both artistic and useful. In fact, the popularity of built-in speciality organisers is only growing, as homeowners are now looking to upgrade their area with storage solutions.

Sukhwani Constructions, the top builders in Pune, offers storage areas that may hold a large number of tools, dishes, small cartons, etc. Some side cabinets even have the capacity and durability to support electrical appliances and kitchenware.

Cabinet Colour Pattern

The preference for dark colour cabinetry in luxury residences is noted in the 2020 trend report. Black, blue, emerald green, and plum are some dark jewel tones that have taken over kitchen designs everywhere. To get the ideal balance of dark and light, paint the walls in soft or pastel tones and add dark cabinetry.

Sukhwani Constructions, the top builders in Pune, make use of varied colour patterns giving an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Connected Outdoors

2020 will see a lot of connected outside kitchen designs. A kitchen directly attached to a patio and partitioned by a glass door is constructed and utilised for occasions that call for outdoor cooking, including barbecues. This is especially useful for apartment dwellers who are unable to obtain a backyard.

Sukhwani Constructions, the top builders in Pune, is following the trend where you can spend your time with your visitors as well as can prepare the best delicacies for your guest.

Multipurpose Kitchen Island

In the past, people would view kitchen islands as an annoyance that took up room that could have been utilised for something else. It has turned the tables over time to become one of the most popular kitchen accessories. A kitchen island not only provides the practical goal of serving as a table for additional culinary goods but also makes a striking design statement.

Sukhwani Constructions, the top builders in Pune, offers you a stylized kitchen island, which you can use for different purposes.


These kitchen trends in 2022 are making today’s kitchen define you and your style statement.

Sukhwani Constructions, with years of experience in the construction industry, employs the latest trends to give an exceptional experience of standing apart in class and choice. We are trusted builders in Pune who fulfil all the promises made to our clients. The firm has completed several projects and several exciting ongoing projects. If you are looking for a beautiful, luxurious, comfortable home at an affordable price, contact us.