How to buy office space in Pune for a start-up?

How to buy office space in Pune for a start-up

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and a budding hub for automotive and Tech companies. Pune has become a favourable destination for investments in India which has paved way for start-ups to emerge in the city. Its close proximity to Mumbai acts as its greatest advantage in trade, business and lifestyle. All these attractive points makes it a good choice for entrepreneurs to start their ventures in Pune.

Pune has an efficient eco system and evidently growing infrastructure for providing enough space for new businesses to begin. Ventures like First cry, Faasos, Letsride,, Plobal apps etc are some of the successful start-ups rooted in Pune.

With rise of businesses, the real estate market for commercial spaces have also reached new heights. Requirement of an office space is of prime importance for a start-up which requires an entrepreneur to brainstorm various aspects before taking up a commercial space.

We have enlisted a few of those aspects to help them select a perfect office space in Pune :

Location and Accessibility

Location of a work space is of major importance for a start-up venture. An easily accessible location contribute to success or failure of any business. One must select a commercial complex which is easily accessible through frequently available city bus services or private app based cab transport so that the employees need not to be worried about their commute.
A commercial complex must have a proper parking facility for employees or clients to park their vehicles. It has also been found in studies that if an office space is near malls, restaurants, bars or coffee shops the morale of employees remain high.


The price of an office space affects the net income of your start-up, hence you must plan well regarding the amount you can invest for a commercial space.
Investing too less may get you a shady and poorly built office which will be a negative influence for your brand image and working environment. On its contrary, spending more than the affordability of a brand can cause burden on the business expenses. One must ensure there are no hidden costs involved

before finalising an office space and keep all the financial records clear.


Scale of business
Size of your office space should be in accordance to your company. You don’t want to cramp up too many employees into a small space or vice versa. Analyse your space requirement and then decide the size of your office to avoid changing your work space frequently. If your start-up is expected to employee more people then you must keep those aspects into consideration. This will help you to plan the layout and design of your office.

Availability of Infrastructure

Basic infrastructures like electricity, water supply and the most important internet are essential factors before deciding to purchase an office space.
Availability of proper power backup, reliable and stable internet connection is necessary for a business to be well equipped and function seamlessly in this digital era.
Water supply is another important need for functioning of pantry and toilets which are necessities of an employee. Determine whether the office space you’re looking at can accommodate changes in the infrastructure according to your business needs.


Top places to buy a commercial space in Pune are Baner, Hinjewadi, Viman Nagar, Kharadi and Shivaji Nagar. These locations are easily accessible with bus services from any part of the city and are nearby large commercial tech parks, railway station and airport. The points mentioned above in this article must be considered before selecting an office space in Pune. Sukhwani Constructions is one such real estate developer focused on development of well-equipped commercial complexes across various locations in the city.


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