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Is this a good time to invest in commercial property in Pune?

Is this a good time to invest in commercial property in Pune

Pune is growing enormously over the last decade with the rise in onset of real estate projects, start-ups, MNCs and educational institutions. It has also been addressed as one of the most liveable city in India. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is also boosting this growth by approval of tech parks in various areas of Pune city. This step by the corporation will push the demand of commercial property in longer run. Real estate has always been an attractive investment option due to the sense of security in its association.

Here are a few points about how Pune is the best place to invest in a commercial property in today’s time:

Appreciation of capital

Investment in commercial real estate has a potential of capital appreciation in upcoming future, similar to a residential property. The value of a commercial property appreciates over time in Pune, as it is witnessing the onset of tremendous commercial growth in the city. The appreciated capital gain will be in the form of increased rents or selling price of the property.

Source of income consistently

A commercial property in Pune will promise a great return in terms of rents. As Pune is a pool of brewing start-ups, it is also attracting other commercial infrastructure to setup like shopping malls and banks. It sets a continuous flow of income as a commercial property can be leased for longer duration and demands lesser maintenance with higher rental values. Thus, it assures consistent and increasing returns on investment.

No or minimum spends on furnishing the property

A commercial property is leased to a businesses for official purposes as the corporate houses usually have their own set of furniture and infrastructural setup since branding is very crucial for commercial spaces of certain brands. The owner does not have to invest or buy any kind of furniture for the tenants which increases the ROI of the property. The arrival of larger brands and MNCs in Pune assures the same.

City’s infrastructural support

Pune has a great infrastructural facility in terms of ease of doing business. Most of the commercial places are well connected by developed roads, city bus services and app based cab services. Pune is also in close proximity with the financial capital of India i.e. Mumbai. PMC is providing permissions to set up various commercial spaces across the city which shows an upcoming boom in the commercial real estate market.


If you wish to invest in a commercial property in Pune for maximum returns, now is the best time to invest. More companies from abroad and big businesses are set to establish their offices in the new IT parks and commercial spaces in Pune. You can benefit from leasing your commercial property to businesses, professionals and even start-ups. Sukhwani Constructions is coming up with commercial properties at prime locations in Pune. Visit our corporate office for further details.

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