Luxury Homes At Sukhwani Constructions – Part 2

An incredible way of life isn’t an uprightness however a steady undertaking coordinated towards building an existence with reason and qualities. For us, at Sukhwani Developments, those qualities are quality, greatness, and advancement. Treading off the hindrances set by the generalizations we challenge the benchmark in all that we do. Sepia is one such endeavor where we have fused our intrinsic comprehension of the human needs and business knowledge to offer the result that really makes contrast. Sepia is an impression of our endeavors and the learning we set up together to build the considerable living spaces.

Sepia is arranged in an area where nature meets future. On the off chance that you wish to remain associated with the city and appreciate the nearness of the city but then need to appreciate a quieting, private peaceful feel. At that point Sepia is only the ideal goal for you. Eateries, schools, shopping centers are at helpful separation filling your existence with gobs of joy.

Spaces in Sepia are created with development and style. Indeed, even the smallest space is worked after liberal arranging and careful consideration. The grand condos are for all intents and purposes custom fitted in a way that it won’t enable you to discover a touch of undesirable space or a good for nothing corner.

Give us a chance to put the extraordinary key highlights of Sepia under a magnifying lens

Fashioner Secluded Kitchen

Preferably, your kitchen must be an ideal mix of class, most extreme usefulness and accommodation. Here, at Sepia, you get it everything except at a more noteworthy level. Our spaces are granted by the creator particular plans to give you customization, effectively collected kitchen instruments, accommodation, proficient capacity, tasteful appearance, and brilliant outline.

Gas Break Finder

The fused gas spill indicators send the alarm flags quickly, when the gas begins to spill, helping you to benefit the additional time and reach the relevant crisis reaction unit. These are amazingly sheltered, reliable and savvy.

Frenzy and Crisis Help

Frenzy and crisis help are offered to enable you to discuss specifically with the potential help and deal with a safeguard.

Inverter Reinforcement

To spare you from the badly designed power cuts, we have encouraged the inverter reinforcement convenience making your life straightforward, smooth and bother free.

Video Entryway Telephone with Telephone Chime

We esteem your security, or, in other words have offered this video entryway telephone with telephone chime office that fills in as a checkpoint and you can never miss a genuine guest. It is profoundly financially savvy and takes a shot at different working stage reacting anyplace on your web.

French entryway and overwhelming evaluation aluminum windows with mosquito nets

Your wellbeing is our need, or, in other words have offered French entryways and overwhelming aluminum windows with mosquito nets keeping any wellspring of jungle fever and Dengue from going into your home, keeping you and your family totally solid.

Radio office

Most straightforward devices like radio can make your life a total euphoria by making it simple and advantageous. It offers you propels security, solace and you can screen your child’s exercises notwithstanding when they are nowhere to be found.

Stacked comforts list

Swimming Pool with the different children pool

Dinner Lobby and Gathering Garden

Completely prepared recreation center

Different play zone labeled with sandpit

Impeccable cricket pitch with little structure

Multipurpose court

Running Track

Skating Ring

Yoga and Contemplation territory


Beautifying passageway campaign

Robotized Lifts

Pressure point massage pathways

Uncommon Senior Native Zone

Alluring Passage Date

Labyrinth Garden

Reticulated Pipe gas framework

Junk Chute

day in and day out Security with CCTV cameras

Putting out fires frameworks

Generator reinforcements for lifts and regular territories

40ft wide cleared streets

In excess of 40,000 square feet of scene plant

Appreciate this total tone of peace and extravagance. Make your home at Sepia that too at the best costs. In the event that you wish to investigate all the more please don’t hesitate to call us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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