Sukhwani business hub A great place for office space in Pune

Sukhwani business hub A great place for office space in Pune

Sukhwani Construction has designed a mixed-use development that focuses on living the greater dream with a smaller pocket, creating a model that gives solutions to start-ups and entrepreneurs. Firms are given the chance to be a part of the same goal and collaborate as equal partners in building an ecosystem that benefits everyone at Sukhwani Business Hubs. It offers great office space and services as a way to support small enterprises.

It has many advantages, which are described below.


  1. Location advantage

Sukhwani Business Hub is an ideal location and near areas such as Nashik Phata, Kasarwadi, and Pimpri-Chinchwad. It’s right in the middle of PCMC. The old Pune-Mumbai highway runs near the industrial area, which is very commutable and close to Mumbai. It is close to MIDCs like Chakhan, Bhosari, and Nigadi.

  1. Great Infrastructure around the Commercial space

Great infrastructure is available near the commercial space such as department stores, banks, and shopping malls. This makes it a perfect place to find a venue for working professionals.

  1. Freedom to choose the office size

The Sukhwani Business Center is a superb commercial space for small as well as medium companies. Whether it’s a department shop or a business office, the accessible spaces appeal to distinct ideas in business infrastructure. The space available from 750 sq. Ft. to sq. 4500. Ft.-Ft.

  1. Amenities

With the growing expectations of the employees regarding their workspace, the amenities have reached a new level, dwelling to provide a better experience to employees by setting the space apart from any ordinary office space.


Following are amenities provided that makes Sukhwani Business Hub an ideal commercial space:


  • Security facility 

Security and protection must be a top priority for any corporate organization. The Sukhwani Business Hub is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras in open areas and a security officer who is specifically assigned to register and track incoming visitors in the lobby. Proper safety and security provide complete satisfaction.

One of the most important considerations for commercial space is safety. As a result, it is critical to ensure that the Sukhwani Business Hub is safe at all times, allowing employees to feel at ease in the workplace.

  • Outdoor space for fresh air

A perfect workplace space should not only have elegant inside but also a stunning outdoor area. Ensure that your workspace includes an adequate outside area with appropriate seating arrangements so that employees may rest and feel refreshed during the day. You may also create an activity zone that will serve as a stress reliever and aid in more efficient operations.

  • Ample space for ease in parking

As the population grows, so does the need for space. One of the biggest issues about space these days is parking, which may be quite inconvenient. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that your business has enough parking, whether it’s underground or in a garage. Having easy access to public transit can also aid much in combating this issue.


  • Wi-fi facility

It makes sense to have an office that is within range of a fast and dependable network connection. This will allow employees to keep in touch with one another and maintain optimal job productivity.


Sukhwani Business Hub’s facilities contribute to creating an office space suitable for employees, and employers may create a better environment that encourages efficient work and a good mood at work