Sukhwani Business Hub- Prime locality for successful business in Pune

Business hubs provide an unique combination of low-cost office space, networking resources, and business advice to support start-ups. In the last five years, business hubs have mushroomed, partially as a result of government initiatives to support small businesses. Business hubs provide a way to support small businesses by offering low-rent office space and services, along with networking opportunities and guidance.Some are run for a profit independently, others are managed by schools, while some are run by local bodies or charities. Capital investment in innovation centres, like central government, international corporations and property developers, has come from a wide range of public and private sources. This is why the Sukhwani Business Hub in Pune is a prime location for a successful business.

1.Conventionally Located

With the economic importance of being situated in the vicinity of prominent areas such as Nashik phata, Kasarwadi, and Pimpri-Chinchwad, Sukhwani Market Hub is located in the heart of the district. Since this industry centre sits on the old Pune-Mumbai highway, it is extremely commutable and in near proximity to the financial capital of India-Mumbai. It is situated in industrial areas such as Chakhan, Bhosari, and Nigdi, which are renowned.


 2.Spectacular Social Infrastructure

In combination with the requisite social facilities, such as department stores, banks, and shopping marts, the business centre is. The Market Centre of Sukhwani is beyond the scope of major hospitals. This makes it a perfect place to find a venue for working professionals to exploit their intrinsic potential.


3.Speedy & Convenient commute

It is absolutely essential to commute with ease as it accelerates the working efficiency of every employee. With regard to the location of the Sukhwani business hub, quite few convenient commuting possibilities can be explored, such as BRTS, the upcoming Metro station, and easy access to and access to app-based cabs and auto-rickshaws.


4.For different organisations, a number of room sizes are available

The Sukhwani Business Center is a significant and holistic solution for an array of diverse companies and the ideal space to be explored. If it’s a department shop, a business office, or a SME (Small Medium Enterprise). The accessible spaces appeal to distinct ideas in business infrastructure and the scale of the space varies from 750 sq. Ft. to sq. 4500. Ft.-Ft.


5.Features of Security & Safety

For any business organisation, security and protection must be the utmost concern. Sukhwani Business Hub is fully fitted with CCTV surveillance cameras mounted in open areas and a security guard specially appointed to register and track incoming individuals in the lobby. Proper protection and protection guarantees absolute satisfaction when running, thus improving the quality and competitiveness of the job.



You need to be versatile and have solid strategy and management experience to excel in business today. Many people start a company believing that they’re going to turn on their machines or open their doors and start making money, only to discover that it’s far harder to make money in a business than they expected. At Sukhwani Constructions, we are dedicated to designing and developing sustainable workspaces that facilitate innovation, teamwork, and dedicated work. Contact us to book an office at Sukhwani Business Hub and let your company splurge into a big success.


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