Sukhwani Elmwoods: Citadel of Joy


A perfect home is not just built with idea but also with similar zest, dedication and excellence. And we at Sukhwani Constructions believe in delivering more, more like Elmwoods.

Elmwoods is our effort to achieve, surpass and set the benchmark of brilliance. Our committed study, understanding and knowledge helped us to work par excellence and have resulted in this outstanding residential site. Serenity, exquisite beauty and grace bring all in perfect balance creating harmony in life. Located in a greener and prime location in a city, Elmwoods is designed with a distinctive architecture and is placed in a blissful setting.

We live in an era where great lifestyle is not just a commodity but it reflects our personality and stature. Where our lifestyle demands a modern house loaded with amenities defining luxury, we do not want to pay what does not justify its utility. Even though we are very precise about our needs, our temptation tends to dominate our pockets most of the times. But at Elmwoods, we majorly concentrate on providing luxury but at the affordable prices. Houses are something that our lives revolve around and when we receive the luxury, satisfaction and happiness from it that is what counts as true value for money. This venture of Sukhwani Construction endorses an ambiance entwining the nature and tranquility with minimalism.

A majestic entrance modeled in a timely fashion with the array of unique amenities are just a few of many things offered here. So embrace this new age modern living tailored to infuse opulence and finesse into your life, while you indulge in the pleasure of convenience.

Crucial Key Points of Elmwoods

  • Aluminum Coated Windows and Doors

Aluminum doors are the new talk of the town since they come with scores of perk, let us see them one by one

  • Thermal Performance

Aluminum windows and doors offer a great thermal and sound insulation, meeting the current building regulations. Aluminum holds a greater efficiency of thermal performance in comparison to timber.

  • Durable and cost-effective

The corrosion resistant feature of aluminum makes it free of any maintenance. They are robust and also weather resistant.

  • 4 and 6 thick bricks

This thick internal and external wall insulation empowers the efficiency of the property. The insulation prevents the penetration of the damp in its tracks offering a better life to the property.


  • Utilization of the best materials for construction

Elmwoods seep into the smallest details. Every inch of this marvelous site is built with nothing but the best materials, increasing the life of your property.

  • Cement paint externally. Oil bond distemper internally

The properties are cement painted externally protecting them from weather its tough conditions. It also offers a ssmall waterproofing properties.

Let us see the key amenities provided by Elmwoods

  • Swimming Pool
  • 24/7 water supply
  • Fully-fledged backup
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Multipurpose court swimming pool
  • Video Door Security
  • Well-equipped gymnasium
  • Car Parking
  • Intercom
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Elevators with backups
  • Landscape Garden with rainwater harvesting


Credit your life with these amazing lifestyle loaded with amenities and opportunities beyond expectations. Make Elmwoods your next home to live your life to the fullest.

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