Which will you choose? An Apartment or an individual house

Which will you choose? An Apartment or an individual house

To own a home is a lifetime achievement for many. People spend time and accumulate resources to make their dream come true. Once they are prepared, they face the real challenge of deciding, ‘where to invest’. Today, you have options to choose from. All the major cities in India including Pune offer multi-storeyed buildings where you can buy an individual flat or apartment or buy an independent house which you can develop according to your choice.

Pune, a sprawling city of Maharashtra is a major IT hub, Industrial hub, and educational hub of India. The city of Pune offers a great opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs, thus, there is an ever-increasing demand for new houses. If you’re planning to buy a property in Pune, the Sukhwani builder, provide you with information about apartments and individual houses so that you can make an informed decision.

Characteristic features of the apartment and an independent property

An apartment or a flat is a residential space within a multi-storeyed building. Such properties are meant to house a large community.

On the other hand, an independent house is developed on a piece of land by an individual owner. It is constructed and customized according to the preferences of the owner.

Whether to buy an apartment or an individual house, a lot depends on their features and your preferences. Both have their individuality and characteristic features. Here, is a list of features that you require to look for before making a decision.

Maintenance: In an apartment, all types of maintenance from a leaking faucet to a faulty electric point is managed by an in-house maintenance team. Daily chores such as mowing of the garden, filling of water tanks, and others are done by the designated staff. Thus, apartments offer a carefree way of life with minimum hassles of maintenance. All of the properties by the Top builders in Pune have an in-house maintenance team and other staff.

However, in an independent house, the owner has to take care of all such issues. Thus, here, maintenance requires your time and energy.

Amenities: One of the best features that come with an apartment is the amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, play area for children, etc. These aspects attract a lot of buyers and Top builders in Pune, provide you with the best amenities.

While in an independent house, if you wish for these amenities, you must have a huge budget.

Safety: The whole area in and around apartments is well under tight security. 24×7 vigilance is provided by several CCTV and security guards. Thus, living in an apartment is for kids, senior citizens, females, or anyone who is living alone. Besides, fire extinguishers are also installed to prevent any mishaps. And the proximity of neighbors also offers safety along with comfort.

But living in an independent house may not have so much security. Here, the owners have to install CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers and hire security guards that come with additional expense.

Social life: You can enjoy a healthy social life in an independent house as well as in an apartment. But apartments offer better opportunities to develop social skills. Here, people learn to live in harmony with people from diverse communities and backgrounds. Living in an apartment provides you ample opportunity to meet people during community gatherings, festivals, parties, at the clubhouse o during a walk in the garden area. The Top builders in Pune, give you furnished flats along with a clubhouse, garden areas, etc. to socialize with people.

Investment and Finance: If you’re planning to buy a home, conduct thorough research. You’d find researching the builder and their projects is a much easier task. You even get reliable reviews. Thus, you can confidently proceed to invest in an apartment. Besides, you can easily get loans from banks. Most of the builders have tie-ups with banks to make the whole process easier and faster. The Sukhwani builders is a trusted name among the developers in Pune. We have tie-ups with most of the banks from where you can get loans sanctioned.

However, even if you’re investing a huge sum of money to buy an independent house, you can come with a high risk of title disputes. Sometimes, people even land up in a court of law to resolve the issue.

Having gone through the features of the two types of homes, it’s clear that though you have the full authority of the place and can customize your independent house, the facilities, securities, and amenities provided by the apartments make it a better option to invest in.


Today’s generation wants to optimize time and love to live a hassle-free life. Apartments offer a life without worrying about maintenance and daily chores and also provide security to your family members. So, invest in an apartment and make your life easy.

The Sukhwani builders of Pune offer you a number of options to buy a high-quality apartment equipped with top-quality facilities and amenities. We are in the construction sector for over 30 years and are known to provide excellent homes with a minimum delivery time. We have several ongoing ventures in the prime locations of Pune. So, to book an apartment, contact the Sukhwani builders.